Strategy Development

MMS Aftale 

Strategic management consists of continuously choosing the best development
course for the firm. Change management consists of both strategic planning and
the implementation of open communication and a sound approach to problem solving
in the company.

Sound change management implies that:

  • the organization systematically collects data relevant to the company
  • the organization presents new ideas and improvements of its methods,
    products and services

The corporate management undertakes a yearly, systematic evaluation of the company’s future development potential and an assessment of the necessary resources.
The plan needs to be communicated to the whole organization in short sentences and plain language.

The process includes an evaluation and an analysis of the company’s markets, products, competitors, resources and results.
Key elements of the development process are to play a part in the delegation of responsibilities and to demonstrate a sound
approach to solving problems, a consistent system of terminology, concepts and methods.
Furthermore it includes consistency, persistence and a will to maintain the development plan and at the same time to be open
to new know-how and learning.
Wing Consult includes relevant elements from the Lean Management and Blue Ocean Strategy theories and successful implementations.